Ben Baumgart

Indiana State was the place where alumnae Benjamin Baumgart became who he is today.

“My fundamental ideas about myself, those around me, and the world, in general, began to take a life of their own at Indiana State,” said Baumgart of New Albany, Ind. “I don’t believe I would be able to say this if I didn’t first feel at home there. Indiana State has the resources to help people become who they want to be as long as people come wishing to develop themselves as individuals.”

Ben BaumgartBaumgart credits the computer engineering program at State with helping him choose a direction for his career choice, as it got him involved with the College of Technology Student Leadership Council, an organization that gives participating members the opportunity to build leadership skills while serving in an advisory capacity for the college.

“I joined because it seemed like a good opportunity for growth and personal development,” said Baumgart. “During my time as a member of the organization, I served as vice president and president.”

After graduation, Baumgart worked with Autoliv and now is working for a leading systems integrator, Flexware Innovations.

“My fiancé and I moved out to Utah shortly after graduating college, and we felt it was time to move home after two years. Flexware Innovation was hiring during my time of job searching, and they were extremely well-rated on Glassdoor, Monster and Indeed,” said Baumgart. “I interviewed for several other positions, but Flexware really stuck out to me as a place I could call home, and fortunately I was extended an offer to work for them.”

Baumgart is an automotion engineer and works on projects for customers.  These projects have budgets, timelines, and scopes that must be adhered to as to provide exceptional results for customers.

“Flexware provides a new opportunity for me to take full ownership of my work schedule,” said Baumgart. “They offer the ability to make my work day my own and leave it up to me how it gets done for the most part. It is teaching me time management. New projects introduce me to new technologies and new people, and I’m always learning.”

“My day-to-day work schedule depends on what projects I’m working on,” said Baumgart. “Whatever the project is, I’m either working on it or meeting with others on the project team to delegate things that need to be done.”

Baumgart has always been passionate about learning and his field gives him the opportunity to do just that.

“A quote that floats around my office is, “If you rest, you rust”. Our minds are a body of water that begins to stagnate if left alone for too long,” said Baumgart. “I’m always learning new things which keeps my mind sharp.”

“My field offers me a seemingly unlimited number of opportunities for learning and growth as well as challenges that make me feel accomplished when I succeed. I’m a goal-oriented person and find accomplishing challenges fun. I feel as if I would enjoy other fields such as physics or mathematics as well, but I really enjoy this field, too.”